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CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans4 721 85698 X 606458$45,500-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans4 721 864144 X 14111643$67,500-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans4 721 86569 X 526484$42,800-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans4 721 87879 X 1419912$57,000-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans4 721 882164 X 19011084$65,500-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans5 284 12972 X 11511084$49,800-Learn more
Val-d'OrRue des Cormorans5 284 131116 X 11712646$72,500-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Cap-Rouge X 5848$0-Learn more
Cap-SantéNoreau3452 X 1045215$33,800-Learn more
Cap-SantéNoreau3643 X 1086799$38,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéNoreau4249.22 X 1446779$43,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre60115 X 355784$38,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre6449 X 1576437$43,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre6849 X 1808066$39,800-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre7249 X 1518239$45,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre8025 X 19012684$51,000-Learn more
Cap-SantéMéandre8139 X 13510146$48,000RéservéLearn more
Cap-SantéRue Méandre8539 X 19012712$0RéservéLearn more
ShannonHodgson206141 X 22232308$74,800-Learn more
ShannonHodgson245-247119 X 36435557$74,800-Learn more
ShannonHodgson255-257118 X 36636286$75,800-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Étandard4 792 274142 X 606131$55,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 295103 X 405504$50,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 276103 X 505504$50,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Marie-Renée4 792 28289 X 857260$59,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Marie-Renée4 792 28383 X 504230$40,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 30687 X 504379$39,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 31978 X 956489$58,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 32055 X 794824$45,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 32354 X 854559$43,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Cécilia4 792 32496 X 935234$49,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 325147 X 416364$58,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Goélette4 792 32746 X 654826$45,000-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Claudia4 792 341100 X 798041$59,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 68350 X 824800$69,800-Learn more
Petite-Rivière-Saint-françoisrue Fief4 792 248108 X 794335$49,800-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Saint-Agapitrue Bélanger4 709 07370 X 1127895$51,700-Learn more
Saint-Agapitrue Bélanger4 709 07469 X 1127918$50,800-Learn more
Saint-Agapitrue Bélanger4 709 07768 X 1137760$49,800-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Sept-Ilesrue de l'Église66 X 1311618$26,800-Learn more
Sept-IlesRue Mars29565 X 1328580$19,800-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny36768 X 1157817$29,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny37768.08 X 114.837817.63$34,900-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny38768.08 X 114.837817.63$29,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny40778.18 X 114.837817.63$34,900-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny42778 X 1157817.63$39,500-Learn more
Sept-IlesMontigny43768 X 1157817.63$39,500-Learn more
Sept-Ilesrue Montigny44768 X 1157817.63$39,500-Learn more
Sept-Ilesrue de l'Église66 X 1311618$24,800-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Sainte-AdèleMont Baldy X 42800$0-Learn more
Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson X 92400$130,000-Learn more
Sainte-AdèleMont Baldy X 47000$0-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 233 80082 X 27922729$49,800-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59282 X 27922729$49,800-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59383 X 19416146$39,800-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59486 X 19116146$45,000-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59582 X 18716146$45,000-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59690 X 18216146$45,000RéservéLearn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 59773 X 15322204$49,800-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 598100 X 15015296$42,000-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 60092 X 13916666$45,000-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 60185 X 14416146$45,000-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 602109 X 15816149$34,500-Learn more
Brighamrue des Sitelles5 265 603102 X 14118814$46,000-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley236 X 344.562400$58,800-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley72.18 X 344.561300$59,800RéservéLearn more
BromeChemin Valley174 X 43362400$57,800-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley236 X 34478500$59,800-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley180.45 X 246.0745200$29,800-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley180.45 X 262.4848400$39,500-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley180 X 36166700$48,800-Learn more
BromeChemin Valley180 X 41073150$49,500-Learn more
RigaudRue du Frère-André-Daoust4 025 47370 X 1006818$69,800-Learn more
RigaudRue du Frère-André-Daoust4 025 47570 X 96.96805$74,800-Learn more
RigaudRue du Frère-André-Daoust, Rigaud4 024 47870 X 986781$75,800-Learn more
Rivière BeaudetteCh. de la Clairière168 X 17930195$44,800-Learn more
Rivière BeaudetteCh. de la Clairière173 X 17330235$49,800-Learn more
Saint-CésaireAvenue Bienvenue022 17770.24 X 119.467929.77$54,500-Learn more
Saint-Césairerue Larose4 136 50660 X 1016151$49,800RéservéLearn more
Saint-Oursrue Victor-Samuel36-7156 X 13618258$49,800-Learn more
Saint-Pierue des Cardinaux4 245 54346 X 18412144$35,000-Learn more
Salaberry-de-Valleyfieldrue du Hauban118 X 647557.31$56,500-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
ChelseaChemin du Croissant15 X 96284$119,000-Learn more
ChelseaRoute 1051638 X 54713$79,800-Learn more
ChelseaChemin du Croissant19 X 58502$99,800RéservéLearn more
ChelseaChemin du Croissant7 X 111644$119,000-Learn more


CityRue# LotDimensionPI2Prix venteStatut
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert7972 X 987147$82,400-Learn more
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert8072 X 987115$82,500-Learn more
Chicoutimirue Fernand-Gilbert82112 X 988234$95,200-Learn more

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