The modular solution consists of creating complete buildings by assembling, on site, pre-fabricated modules. These modules include a maximum of elements such as windows, electricity, plumbing, and various interior finishes. They are then transported to the site and installed on the project’s foundations in a matter of hours.

When a project is design for this process, it can generates significant benefits: 

  • Impressive delivery speed

    Modular construction for Multiple Unit is on average twice as fast as conventional construction. This readiness also translate in various benefits:
    1. Accelerated income
    2. Reduced holding costs (construction financing costs)
    3. Decreased risks & contingencies
  • Construction cost economie

    By redirecting domestic demand to its centralized production lines, Bonneville has the means to buy large quantities of materials and negotiate with preferred suppliers. Thus, customers benefit from a high purchasing power and can achieve significant economies of scale, whatever their project scope.
  • Complete control (risk, quality, cost and delivery)

    A project that uses the modular systems is free of numerous contingencies. Build indoor, in a well-organized manufacturing line, the modules are assembled through the 16 stages of production by highly specialized worker. Moreover, the management for quality control in a stable environment is eased, as it significantly reduces the risk of oversight while keeping the budget and schedule on point.
  • Minimal environmental footprint

    By centralizing its entire production in one factory, Bonneville manage to reduce pollution emission and disturbance on the roads. The modular system will also produce less waste and loss then conventional construction.


Convinced that modular construction is the future of multi-residential construction, Bonneville has packaged key support services for professionals or aspiring in the industry. Whether you are a developer, promoter or investor, we have the solution: SOLUPLEX.

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